AviCleanse™ is formulated with a safe and natural synergistic blend of stain and odor fighting bacteria and enzymes that facilitates the breakdown of biological waste. It also contains natural lime and other citrus oils. AviCleanse™ safely and efficiently removes offensive odors and cleans your bird’s environment without the use of harsh chemicals. AviCleanse™ is ideal for use on cages and other enclosures where the concentration of animal odors can present a problem.

For regular cage maintenance, try AviWipes™, a quick and easy solution for light stains and odors.

DIRECTIONS: Remove animal from enclosure, spray product liberally on cage and let soak for 5-15 minutes, then wipe off.  Repeat as necessary.  Tough, stubborn stains may require additional treatments or extended soaking time.

Available Sizes: 250 mL, 1 L