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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are AviWipes™ simply a "wipe" version of your AviCleanse™
A: No, AviWipes are do not contain the proprietary, synergistic blend of stain and odor fighting bacteria and enzymes that facilitates the breakdown of biological waste. AviWipes™ use a different and completely safe and effective cleaning agent.

Q: Which product, AviCleanse™ or AviWipes™, is stronger, or more effective at tough odors and stains?
A: That would be AviCleanse™. AviCleanse™ is ideal for tough stains and odors. AviWipes™ are better for regular cage maintenance. They are best for when you don't have time to wait for AviCleanse™ to do it's work.

Q: I accidentally sprayed my Macaw with AviCleanse™. Will it hurt him?
A: No, AviCleanse™ is completely safe, but if you'd prefer, simply wipe his feathers down where you sprayed him.

Q: How long will AviWipes™ stay moist in their container?
A: Conditions may vary, kept at room temperature, they should stay moist for at least 24 months.

Q: I have several large cages and my birds make quite the mess. What's the largest size of AviCleanse™ that you sell?
A: We sell a 1 Liter bottle that has a trigger sprayer. That would be perfect for your needs.

Q: Should I wash my hands after I use AviWipes™?
A: There's nothing in AviWipes™ themselves that would require you to wash your hands, but considering what you are cleaning, we highly recommend it.

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